There are shadows that race around; seen only from the corners of my eyes.
There are voices inside my head. 

There are voices singing, voices whispering, shouting voices; telling lies.


Hopelessness wraps around me in a blanket of despair. I look about in dimness, seemingly unaware.
Life's not fair!!!


I am dumb, I feel numb. I cannot speak. I seek the truth, it comes in blurry visions bidden from my youth,
"Life's not fair!!!"


"No Worries"

I say things you don't want to hear, so you don't listen when I tell you that I live in fear.
  Your only worry is that you have lost me.
  My worries are beyond my grasp; out of reach.
  I'm sailing away, floating away. I am lost.
No worries..... I am lost.


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