"Floating Time "

Floating somewhere inside
The birth of existence
The existence of torture
The torture of wisdom
The wisdom of age
The age of true meaning
The true meaning of culture
The culture of religion
The religion of guilt
The guilt of mistakes
The mistake of science
The science of progress
And the progress of time

Time to stop dreaming
Dreaming the illusion
The illusion of romance
The romance of books
The books of childhood
The child of purity
The purity of beauty
The beauty of death
The death of suffering
The suffering of sons
The sons of war
The war for peace
And the progress of history

In a moment we forget
The history of the world
The world of possibilities
The possibility of hope
The hope of promise
The promise of faith
The faith in emotion
The emotion of humanity
The humanity of machine
The machine of economics
And the progress of change

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