"Who Am I?"


This is me
Who am I?
Trapped in a world quite the same
But not quite
Nothing feels the same
Nothing looks the same
Sounds mix together
To form a song of confusion
"It's like you're in another world," he says
Never farther from the truth
"It's like you're not part of the family," he says
Yes and I'm not really hear with you
In the street I'm alone
In a crowd I'm alone
With my friends
Look down I'm alone
Someone hits me
It just stings and fades away
A jolt in a bubble
They can't see me when they hit me
I'm invisible
They must feel something
But I look into their eyes
And there's nothing
I'm not really here
I conclude
Just a glimmer of reallity here and there
Like peaking out
Pearing out into reality through a small peep hole
What is reallity?
I don't know
Who is this?
It's me
But it can't be
I don't exist
Feel the skin
Touch the eyes
It's supposed to me
And then it isn't all at the same time
Who am I?


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