I've lived in a fantasy world
In a dream for 19yrs
How long will it take my mind
To adjust to reality
Who did I think I was
And where did I think I was
I've never wanted to face the truth
That I'm a nonentity
I'm finding it so hard to see
The world and what it is
So involved in myself
I've forgotten to live
This battle between myself and life
Will I survive the fight
Will I learn or try to learn
The acceptance of reality.
This never ending battle
That I've fought within my mind
The acceptance of reality
The light I cannot find
To free myself of myself
This I cannot do
I've tried and tried to see the world
But the fight it starts anew
The torture and frustration
I can bear with it no more
I must break out and see the things
I've never seen before.
Why do some accept and see
Without the fight I find
Why are their eyes opened
When mine are closed and blind
It's hard to face a future
When I feel so lost and strange
My attitude to life
It must be rearranged.
I've collapsed and fallen
I cannot seem to move
Move from this position
I'm stuck within this groove.

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