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Depersonalization Research Group, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College, London

From here you can find out about the DP unit, its staff and current research projects. In addition, this site contains information about depersonalization, a reference list of articles relevant to dissociative disorders, a frequently-asked-questions (FAQ's) section, together with a list of links relevant to depersonalization.

Mt. Sinai Depersonalization and Dissociation Research Unit

he depersonalization and dissociation research program is dedicated to studying the phenomenology, etiology and treatment of dissociative disorders, primarily depersonalization disorder. The program has an interdisciplinary approach to the study of depersonalization, and includes descriptive, biological, neuropsychological and treatment studies.

SIARI [Self-Injury & Related Issues]  


An extensive UK resource offering information and support to self-injurers and their supporters, as well as a platform for self-injurers' voices. Includes research,
references, resources, links, self-injurers' quotes, poems, artwork and stories, message boards for self-injurers and significant others, access to an online
support group for helpers, a section for counselors, and much more. . .


Self-Injury, Abuse and Trauma Directory

An extensive one-stop listing of self-injury, abuse and trauma resources on the Web.  Compiled by UK counselor and author. Frequently updated. 

Science All In The Mind - UK Radio Site

All in the Mind provides a unique chance to meet the people at the cutting edge of research and developments on all aspects of the mind and brain from around the world.

DP Self Help

An independent forum for discussion of DPD topics.

A newer discussion group for DP sufferers.


PURCHASE "Feeling Unreal: Depersonalization and the Loss of the Self"

The new, definitive work about Depersonalization Disorder by Daphne Simeon MD and Jeffrey Abugel.





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