Story by "Cerys"


Exactly one year ago tonight this all started. For the first time I tried a hash cake. One hour later I was freaking out and my partner thought he might have to take me to a mental hospital. the next morning I woke up from my nasty trip and nothing has felt the same since.
Everything feels different and strange. I am constantly questioning why am I hear? Who am I? What's my body what's real and it wont stop.
at times I wake up in the morning and my partner looks like a stranger to me and the same with my own mother. I sometimes get ridiculously paranoid thoughts. I mainly shake them off and can still do my job. I don't think I can live the rest of my life like this.
At least reading your experiences has made me realize I am not alone and my troubles are probably some chemical imbalance caused by the hash cake. I do not help myself with worrying about death constantly and other things. I really hope I can feel normal again one day. If anyone needs to talk, feel free to email me on


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