Story by "Pat"


I just found this website. It is interesting and I can relate somewhat. I too have experienced the depersonalization in my life. However, mine was not as the result of drug use. I have never smoked pot, dropped acid or snorted coke. The most I have done is smoked cigarettes. So, I asked myself and my therapist how I could have this problem. She informed me it was due to the years of abuse I have experienced.

I am now in my 40s and there are still times when it is as if I am watching myself do things yet I am not a part of it. It is a strange experience. But, it is not as bad as when I was younger. When I was younger I lost days and weeks without knowing what was going on. All of a sudden I would find myself somewhere that was strange yet familiar.

I am glad I found a therapist to help me understand what was going on with me. At least that way I did not think I was as crazy as I thought I was.


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