Story by "Rob"


Hello, my story starts out just like all those others but has a sort of happier ending.
I went into D.P. almost six months ago. At one point it got really bad. About four months ago I started seeing a doctor who is a member of my congregation. He practices homeopathy. He started treating me in early December and I felt almost 80 percent better in the first 3 days. The problems then came back but have been going away very slowly. 

In early march I came out of DP completely it was the best feeling I have had in my whole life. It only lasted about two hours then slowly started going away. When I came out it felt like I had awakened from a bad dream. I felt 100%. I felt like nothing had ever happened and even woke my mother up to tell her the good news. 

Right now I still have DP but is not nearly as bad. I feel at about 75% better. My thoughts are more clear now. The only thing that has gotten worse is my depression and sometimes I feel that I can't remember anything kind of like memory loss. 

Please have faith in God and give Homeopathy a shot. Thanks...


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