Story by "KIA"


Hi, I am kia
Iíd like to share my feelings the people out there with dp problems. Iíve had it for 6 months and often feel headaches and canít think logically like befor. I also feel ,like a robot (thatís the best description) and canít concentrate anymore. I have lost the feelings to enjoy life and for many of us you see all the world and objects like a film. Ok how did it start? I was living in Hamburg Germany and was having too much night life. On one of these nights I used cocaine and marijuana. I damn this night always because that night I fear I damaged my brain cells. After about two years came the first symptoms first which is a big question for me! Why after two years? But I am in contact with a very good psychiatrist who prescribed B- complex(to help the nerve cells) fluoxamine a useful addition to balance the brain and a medicine called dihydroergotamine. These will help you to be yourself like beforeó itís a very good combination, but it will take time. I like to also say to the people to stop smoking cigarettes, drink no coffee or anything with caffeine Hopefully, symptoms like looking in a mirror and seeing some else will disappear. My English is not so perfect for a good description and I apologize for that. Anyone can write me, and I would be glad!



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