Story by Harold


This all started about 2 or 3 months ago when I bought a dime bag of marijuana. Before this purchase of the drug I smoked marijuana several times and never felt anything, But this certain night that i regret and would take back for anything was different. It happened so fast and affected me so badly. Ok this is what happened. I wanted to get high this one night to see how it was so I went into my bathroom were no one would figure out I was smoking and I opened the window etc. and started smoking the marijuana. When i smoked all of it i decided to take a shower and go in my room to play some video games but that's not what happened. I got in the shower and about 2 - 3 mins later i felt really really weird my body felt all tingly so I started to panic and jumped out of the shower, dried off fast, and hopped in bed. My plan was to go to sleep but this isn't what happened. While lying in my bed i started shaking and still had the tingly feeling. My throat started to close and feel very swollen to the point were it was hard to breathe. My mouth was dry and tongue fuzzy. I really thought I was going to die in my bed. This is were i had to get up and get a drink of water. I thought it would help but it did the exact opposite. As I laid back down after my drink of water I told myself i should try and go to sleep and it will be all better in the morning and i will feel fine, but again NO that is not what happened. I tried to go to sleep but i couldn't my body wouldn't let me. I felt really hot and dry so i went into the bathroom so look at myself in the mirror and I was pale and my lips were turning white. I took a paper towel, folded it, wet it down. After that I went in my room and wrote a note to my parents, siblings, friends, and family telling things to long to list here. I really thought that I wasn't going to make it. I laid down again and put the paper towel on my face and after a few minutes I fell asleep. I woke up the next morning feeling the weirdest I have ever felt. My mouth, throat, and tongue still felt the exact same. The only difference was how my body and mind were affected. My mom woke me up to get go and get quad tires for Christmas and I felt like I didn't know what was going on. My body felt weird kind of  like I was floating, my vision was very bleared, and it felt like i wasn't in my body or like i was in another place watching myself do things that i had no control over. This continued for these 2 - 3 months and here I am sitting in my computer chair still feeling the same way. The only thing that has gone away was the swollen throat. My mouth is still dry and my tongue still feels weird and fuzzy no matter how much fluid I drink or food i eat it stays the same.


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