Story by Meirav



My name is Meirav and I leave in Israel. Only now after I read the stories I understand that there are people who feel the same as I do and I'm not alone in this world….It all began 6 years ago. I was pretty depressed and my parents decided to buy me a ticket to NY (a place that I really like) to have some fun. On one of the nights I went out with a friend, who leaves there, to a club. He offered me to smoke a joint (he said it would make me happy) so for the first time in my life I smoked a joint. Few minutes after smoking I felt that I do not recognize myself anymore. I looked at my legs and hands and wasn't sure that they belong to me. I could not express what I feel. The days after the feeling kept attacking me and it came along with anxiety attacks and cold sweat I thought I was loosing my mind. I came back to Israel and could not function so I went t the doctor. The doctor gave me medicine that after 3 months helped me to feel better and the confusions about myself disappeared. In the following years since then I had some downs and ups but the confusion did not come back until a year ago…. I was depressed and went to a doctor and he gave me medicine that brought the confusions back. After describing the episode we found out that this medicine can cause DP. A year has passed and I still suffer from confusions and it drives me crazy. I would appreciate if someone could tell me what kind of treatment

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