Story of Sheryl

Hello, my name is Sheryl. I have found this site to be extremely helpful. I have had this condition for about seven years from a "bad trip" on acid. It was the most horrible experience in my life. See I used to smoke pot and take a hit of acid once in a while and was just having fun. Well one day I took acid and I was not in a very stable set of mind. (a big no-no) and it began a week later. The feelings of unreality made me think I was insane. I went 2 years without knowing what the hell was wrong with me and did not tell a soul, fearing that I would be put in an institution. I have probably done acid about 9 or 10 times before this happened and they were all good times. From my own experience, I think that the trauma from the trip definetly caused my depersonalization and that it is used as a defense mechanism. How I shut it off I do not know! Although, I have been seeing a neurofeedback provider and I am getting rid of my anxiety. My depersonalization seems to be improving as
well. After my first session I felt better. The treatment involves retraining your brainwaves. Ultimately, the treatment is peak performance training. There are no complications and after receiving so many treatments your brain learns to stay that way. I can only describe it by saying it is like looking through a dirty windshield before treatment then afterwards it is wiped clean. Everything seems more clear. If anyone is intersted please search neurofeedback or This treatment can help many mental illnesses as well as physical ones. ADHD, anxiety, depression, PTSD ect. I am on a mission to tell everyone about the treatment because I know what hell this illness can be. I was put on zoloft a couple years ago and it did not help too much. I began having suicidal ideations even though I have never wanted to kill meself. With the neurofeedback you dont have to take any drugs. The treatment kind of restores your brain back to the way it was when you were young, before
stress, work ect. If anyone has any questions please feel free to email me at Thank you for all your stories!



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