Much later in life I looked back on my childhood with fond memories of Halloween, the one day of the year where I could put on a mask and know what I was supposed to be that day. More importantly others would not know me thus the slate was clean once again and I could be something new. I took this experience and applied it when I went to College. As I stood in the bathroom before class looking at my face in the mirror, it still looked familiar but had no meaning to me. It was then that something amazing occurred, I realized that I had no choice what I looked like, who I was or the fact that I was standing there in the body inside the mirror. What I did have a choice about was who I really wanted to be that day. I slipped on the mask of the class clown and walked into the classroom a completely different person. At the end of the class my instructor and fellow classmates were still smiling from witty humorous remarks I said to ease the tension. I paused for a moment before walking into my next class and put on a second mask over the other, the confident funny student walked into the classroom. I repeated this with each new class that day adding masks of kindness, intelligence and friendliness. I went home that day with a feeling of wholeness I had never experienced before and looked in the mirror to find I was never wearing any masks that day only showing the world the face I refused to see until then.

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In high school, I had used marijuana, alcohol and LSD for a period of 2 months. I quit drugs but occasionally drank alcohol with no adverse effects. After high school I got a fulltime job in an auto parts factory and really enjoyed the financial freedom. A couple of years later I started to feel continue reading

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