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Here is the story of my experiences with DP/DR.

First of all I would just like to state that I have never done ANY drugs besides drink once and a while, and I know that the drinking has nothing to do with my DP.

My first experience with this menace was in 7th grade. It came on out of nowhere and kept me out of school for two weeks. Every day my mom would drive me into school and I would be so scared and just be like mom I cant do this. I went to the doctors and they didn’t know what to do with me. I had this feeling of being spaced out like I was watching everything on TV. After a while I forced myself to return to school and I realized that I could do it. I still felt the same but I knew what was going on and I just told myself to do it. From what I can remember it just went away by itself. Since then I’d just get a sudden rush of DP/DR now and then that would go away the next day. Also large crowds and fluorescent lights would make me feel it as well. 

I dealt with this on and off for a while. Freshman year in college I started going out with this girl. I went out with her for 2 years and I was DP/DR free. She dumped me junior year (this year) and I was extremely depressed. I started feeling extreme DP/DR and went to the doctors. They put me a very tiny dose of Prozac to calm my anxiety. My DP/DR was so bad that I pretty much stayed in my apartment for 3 weeks and cut class a lot. 

I love playing Ultimate Frisbee, I am on the team here, and I could not even think about playing because of all the people. After time the DP seemed to go away like it usually does, not all at once but it slowly fades away. I was feeling fantastic from about October until now. Last week I developed your general run of the mill cold. I started feeling better yesterday and I decided to try and go play Frisbee. When I got to the field I had the most extreme case of DP/DR ever. Everything was so weird I had to leave right away. I drove home which was very very strange and I have been sitting here ever since. I am dreading returning to school and I cant stop thinking about how I’m going to have to drop out of the ultimate tournament I’ve been looking forward to for months. 

I know that worrying makes things even worse but I can’t help it. I know DP/DR is caused by anxiety and stress most of the time but I have no clue why it came this time. I have been really happy and this case of DP/DR is killing me and making me so scared. I hate DP/DR so much that if I could have any wish granted I would wish this condition off the face of the earth. The only thing that I have ever found that works is to just go out and do things no matter how weird you feel and just forget about the DP/DR. You have to stop thinking about it or it won’t go away. I would like to encourage anyone to PLEASE email me if you know of anything that helps your DR/DP or to share similar experiences. Please include DP/DR Story in your subject line so it will not be filtered into my junk folder. Thank you so much for reading.

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