Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder was virtually unknown to the general public twenty years ago. But the internet brought it out of total obscurity via discussion groups and webpages that continue to proliferate. During this time DDD has finally appeared in a number of mainstream magazine articles, YouTube videos, and even television talk shows. Much remains to be done. But the links provided here will lead so some of the media coverage to date.

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The very first discussion of depersonalization on network television.

And, more recently, in the United Kingdom…

Recent magazine articles:

From the Atlantic Monthly:

From The Guardian:

From The Washington Post

From Elle magazine:


Currently, our board member, Elena Bezzubova Phd, writes a regular blog about DDD for Psychology Today:


Here is her most recent blog. Check it out:


If you come across new media coverage from anywhere in the world, please us know and we’ll publish it here.


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