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Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder was virtually unknown to the general public twenty years ago. But the internet brought it out of total obscurity via discussion groups and webpages that continue to proliferate. During this time DDD has finally appeared in a number of mainstream magazine articles, YouTube videos, and even television talk shows. Much remains to be done. But the links provided here will lead so some of the media coverage to date.

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Participate in an online Vanderbilt University Research Study! 


Title: Altered Self-Perceptions Across Psychopathology


Description: We are exploring altered self-perceptions and hope to better understand the role of dissociative experiences across psychopathology and in the general population. This study includes 9 online surveys that focus on experiences of dissociation, psychosis-proneness, perceptions of the self, social relations, and trauma history. The total time commitment is around 30 minutes. 


Study link:


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Author and IDS founder Jeff Abugel is a Health and Wellness Coach, certified through Georgetown University. Coaching is a unique and scientific approach to facilitating positive changes in your life. This may involve anything from losing weight, to seeking a new job, to dealing with relationship issues. It’s a partnership that helps you set and achieve goals within a designated time period. With three decades of researching and writing about Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder (DDD) under his belt, Jeff is also tapping into coaching techniques to consult with individuals suffering from DDD.  Learn more by visiting the website:


The very first discussion of depersonalization on network television.

Depersonalization Disorder In The News

And, more recently, on BBC News in the United Kingdom.

Depersonalization Disorder, “I was unable to feel love.”

Recent magazine articles:

From the Atlantic Monthly:

Enlightenment’s Evil Twin

From The Guardian:

Depersonalization Disorder: The condition you’ve never heard of that affects millions.

From The Washington Post

“I’m not me.” A bizarre disorder leaves people feeling distant from their bodies.

From Elle magazine:

What if your anxiety or depression is actually “DDD”?


Currently, our board member, Elena Bezzubova Phd, writes a regular blog about DDD for Psychology Today:

Life with Depersonalization


Here is her most recent blog. Check it out:

Marijuana: Depersonalization Controversies


If you come across new media coverage from anywhere in the world, please us know and we’ll publish it here.